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First Things First: Why Pressure Washing is A Must Before Home Repainting

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Although we do not want it to happen, deterioration is inevitable to buildings and houses as time goes by. Paints will fade and surfaces will get dingy. Much more it will suffer damages from pest infestation, exposure to elements, and other natural causes that will lead to cracks, scratches, holes, rotting, spalling, lifting or settlement, and more. These factors affect the overall look of homes that is clearly visible not only from the inside but more especially when looking from the outside. This can create a negative impression and will certainly lessen, if not lose your property’s value. That is why homeowners are always thinking of ways to counter these problems to preserve and somehow maintain their homes’ original grandeur.

Although it may mean a lot of work and commitment, one of the ways to give homes a new look is to have them repainted.

Why home repainting is an investment

  • It gives the house a new, fresh look, thus increasing its curb appeal.
  • It increases property value.
  • It brings a positive vibe and improves mood.
  • It protects the property against the deteriorating effects of natural elements like sun, wind, dust, snow, rain, and pest infestation as well.
  • It is hygienic or sanitary, thus improving health.
  • It can help to identify surface flaws and damages.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Before House Repainting

Home exteriors should be properly prepared before house repainting. One primary method is to give its surfaces a wash. From the roof and gutters to the siding and windows, pressure washing is a practical choice to prepare for repainting.

Here are some reasons why:

It removes dirt and debris, even from hard-to-reach places.

When painting or repainting, be sure that the new paint will bond well with the surface or the undercoat. To make this possible, the surface should be clean so that the paint will not just roll over the dirt to different areas. Through pressure washing, hard-to-reach areas like vents and crevices are thoroughly clean, much more than what a garden hose or bucket and brush can do.

It reveals parts of the houses that need repairs before repainting.

To avoid further damage and costly repairs in the future, it is advised to do necessary repairs before house repainting. Aside from visible holes and cracks, pressure washing can reveal other problems that need to be attended to like damages caused by rotting, water retention, pest infestation, and more.

It is hygienic and healthy.

Dust, dirt, and even mold and mildews can cause allergens that can be irritating and dangerous to pets and humans. These can be wash thoroughly through pressure washing and a mild cleaning solution.

It is a more environment-friendly option.

Since the pressure used in pressure washing is enough to do the cleaning, it does not require the use of strong and harmful chemicals. You do not need tough cleaning solutions that you tend to use when you do manual cleaning. A mild solution that is usually made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients is enough. Thus, it will not harm pets and plants in nearby areas while cleaning.

The Negative Effects of Inappropriate Use of Pressure Washers

Today, pressure washers of different types and sizes are available in the market. This somehow creates a false impression that when you can afford it, then you are qualified to use it. Indeed, pressure washing can make exterior cleaning jobs easier, but erroneous handling can do more harm than good.

Here are some unfavorable effects of improper use of pressure washers:

  • When water pressure is so high and pointed at the wrong angle, water can get inside the house through walls and windows creating leaks. This leads to additional cleaning jobs like wet home interiors and furniture, as well as soggy carpets and curtains. If not handled immediately, it can later cause molds and mildews to form.
  • Too much pressure and nozzles aimed in the wrong direction can cause damage, especially on surfaces that are made of delicate materials.
  • When handled by a newbie, a pressure washer can destroy window screens and windows.
  • Improper use can cause injuries not only to the machine operator but to other family members and pets in the area as well. The hose is difficult to control if the operator does not know the technique in using it.
  • It is equally dangerous to use it while on a ladder while reaching out for higher spots while cleaning.
  • It can wet cavities, insulation, and even electronic outlets.
  • Aiming the pressure washer nozzle too close can blast surfaces.

Why choose a professional pressure washing company

Given the dangers that improper use of pressure washers may bring, opting for professional assistance when doing pressure washing jobs before repainting can be a practical choice. Yes, one may spend a few bucks but it is definitely worth it given the benefits and assurance that professional pressure washers can give.

  • They understand that the home exteriors’ surfaces differ from one another. Thus, it needs different approaches in cleaning. Aside from the amount of pressure that should be given on particular surface materials, they can also assess the type of cleaning solutions that it ne.
  • They are well-trained in the operation of pressure washers. When problems occur during the cleaning process, they can definitely handle them with ease and with care.
  • They are equipped with safety tools and gears while doing their jobs, thus, safety is more guaranteed during operation.

Giving commendable house washing services in Greater Portland Area, Racine Property Services is the top choice for professional pressure washing services. They are using state-of-the-art pieces of equipment that are operated by trained professionals to give their customers quality services while ensuring safety. The years of experience in the business are proof that they are committed to serve and help homeowners with their exterior cleaning needs.

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