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10 Reasons Why You Should Wash Your Home's Exterior

Pressure washing

House exteriors are exposed to a lot of natural elements like wind, moisture, sun, and even birds, pests, and insects. In addition, there are also pollutants like smoke from factories and vehicles, acid rain, and dust that contribute to the accumulation of dirt of home exteriors making it dingy and unappealing. This can also lead to discoloration, chapping, cracking, holes, rotting, and other damages leading to early deterioration.

To save your home from these problems, regular cleaning is really needed. One effective way of washing house exterior is through pressure washing. When you opt for pressure washing, it is recommended to hire professional pressure washing companies to do the job. They have the knowledge and the experience to get things done properly with satisfying results.

The benefits of pressure washing your house exterior

It may sound as non-essential or luxury to some, but given the benefits that one can get from professional pressure washing, it can be considered as an investment because of the following reasons:

It boosts curb appeal.Pressure washing is like giving your building facade a make-over in just a short period of time. With house washing, you can remove all the molds and grime that cover the beauty of your house. This is one effective and affordable way to bring back your house to its original glory.

It improves property value.Years of discoloration and accumulation of dirt lessens the value of your home. Whether you just want to make your house more appealing or you plan to resell it, pressure washing helps to increase its property value. Of course, buyers prefer those that are clean and neat-looking to dirty and dilapidated ones.

It protects your property.Although wear and tear are inevitable, you can delay the process with maintenance and regular house washing. Accumulated dirt, moisture, cracks, and holes can cause premature deterioration. House washing can take all of these root problems away.

It saves you money.Regular cleaning and maintenance can help to assess your properties whether it needs repair and renovation. Cracks, holes, moist and rotting areas, and other damages can be visible during cleaning, thus you can have them repaired to avoid bigger damages and expensive renovations in the future.

It prepares your home for repaint.To prep your house before repainting, house washing is necessary to remove all dirt and grime. With this, you will not be just rolling the dirt over the surface and you can be assured of a perfect and smooth finish.

It protects you and your family’s health.Allergies are common among adults and children. Common allergens may include dust, pollen, and molds that may be present not only on the inside but even outside your home’s surfaces. Pressure washing can remove all of these, thus encouraging good airflow and fresher air to breathe.

It promotes safety for humans and pets.Cracks, holes, crevices, and other damages especially on floors and walkways can be very dangerous especially among children or older people. It can lead to accidents like slip or fall and may cause injuries. When doing regular house washing, these damages are exposed and necessary repairs can be done.

It is eco-friendly.Most professional pressure washing companies use mild cleaning solutions that are not harmful to humans, pets, and plants. Even the pressure washing techniques that they use are proven safe for lives and properties.

It saves time.When you make pressure washing a do-it-yourself job, you will definitely spend a lot of time cleaning, given the overwhelming job of house washing. But when you let the professionals do the job, you can just relax or continue with your daily routine. House washing should not hamper other activities in the house for a long period of time. Professionals can do it in just one visit.

It is a practical choice.When you opt for a professional pressure washing service, you do not need to buy expensive cleaning tools and equipment that you are not even sure if you will use again. You might also tend to use costly cleaning solutions that may be loaded with chemicals. Moreso, you do not need to waste all your time and strength on an overwhelming cleaning job.

House washing services offered

Roof Cleaning - Your roof provides the entire household top protection and it is exposed to a lot of dirt, germs, and pollutants. Regular roof cleaning using soft washing techniques can help to protect it against harmful elements and save it from premature damages.

Gutter Cleaning - Gutters should be free from any blockage so water will keep on flowing freely down from your roof. It is essential to clean your gutters and remove obstructions like dried leaves and twigs, tiny branches, even fallen fruit or bird’s nests. Molds and mildews should also be removed as it leaves an unsightly sight.

Window Cleaning - Clean, sparkling windows provides a beautiful view looking from the inside of your house. It also gives adequate lighting during the day. Make window cleaning safe and sure and let the pros handle the job.

Driveway Cleaning - Driveways are prone to spills, leaks, and other contaminants. Pressure washing can give it a thorough cleaning.

Hire a professional to get house washing done

Serving the Great Portland Area since 1995, Racine Property Services Inc. is one trusted name when it comes to commercial and residential building cleaning. Our company traces its roots from more than forty years of experience in the business. With the emerging new techniques and technologies in the business, our staff strive and continue to learn to keep abreast with the present trends.

We understand that not all surfaces require the same pressure setting. Depending on the surface material, we will do our best to remove all impurities without damaging the original look. We assure you that we will leave no unwanted traces and give your house a fresh, new look in no time.

Free yourself from stress and leave that house washing job to us. Contact us now for more information and consultation.

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