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Moss Removal To Beautify & Protect Your Dream Home

Roof cleaning

Lake Oswego homeowners looking for a pressure washing company may actually be searching for professional moss removal - good thing we take care of both. At Racine Property Services, Inc., we’re committed to excellence for all exterior cleaning services, including dealing with moss. Moss can accumulate on many of your exterior surfaces, but the roof is the most common problem.

Moss is bad for your roof, as well as other materials and surfaces. The sooner you address the problem, the less likely you are to suffer damage and need repairs.

Instead of waiting for a problem to develop, it’s a good idea to schedule routine roof cleaning and moss removal. We promise to use safe but effective techniques so that you can regain control of your rooftop’s condition.

Why Moss Removal Is So Critical

In fairytale books and movies, moss looks enchanting. On your rooftop in real life, it’s nothing but a nightmare. Moss removal is vital because this growth leads to problems with:

  • Moisture - Damp conditions and growth cause rot
  • HOA Regulations - If you don’t keep it clean, you'll end up with HOA fines
  • Pests - These conditions are ideal for attracting insects and rodents
  • Curb Appeal - Your dream home will look more like a nightmare
  • Extra Weight - Moss, the water it retains, and added snow can cause enough additional weight to cause collapse

There are no good reasons to ignore moss but plenty of vital reasons to get rid of it. Since it’s not a DIY job, it’s good to know you have a reliable team to trust for professional removal without the threat of damaging your roof.

The Professional Difference At Racine

It takes more than standard pressure washing to have any luck ridding your roof of moss. The methods we use safely eradicate current growth, plus it aids in the prevention of future development.

We use custom-blended cleaning solutions to clean the roof and remove moss. By destroying it and bacteria at a molecular level, you won’t have to worry about immediate regeneration. If you’re a Lake Oswego homeowner, call Racine Property Services, Inc. for more information about our highly effective moss removal procedure.

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